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Other Projects


The Forbidden Tourist

An artist's journey through abandoned spaces

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Click here for a peek inside the book

The Forbidden Tourist now has it's own website



Down Central Sound
soundtrack • commercial • ambient • voiceover • background & jingle

Down Central Sound on Myspace:


Heavens Asylum

A musical collaboration with Cory Taylor



Due to disturbing imagery these videos are not suitable for all viewers. Please refer to ratings. Broadband connection recommended.

"Medication Time"

Windows Media Player File 4.8mb

Windows Media Player File 33mb

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Other Items

These items are not for sale. Please inquire about private commissions


original oil on board


"Love Is A Good Thing"

Ovation Celebrity Guitar
with painted aluminum top




"American Fabric"

original oil on canvas

(private collection)




"Rattle & Hum"

painted electric guitar

Media Center
solid maple


hand built 4 wheel cycle