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About The Process


About The Process

The process used to create the “Bodies Of Light” paintings on aluminum is exclusive to Fred Szabries. Years in development, this style of painting is an innovative combination of traditional methods and cutting-edge industrial techniques. The actual process, for obvious reasons, is not disclosed in detail, but involves the hand application of nearly pure amorphous carbon, graphite and special acrylic polymers to specially treated sheets of high grade aluminum, bronze and steel alloys.

Creation of an original piece of art begins with an extensive figure study of the subject. The artist first works with live models, original photographs and original drawings to layout the subject of the piece. The rendering begins with application of the carbon, graphite and acrylic polymers to the metal surface. A variety of techniques are used in the rendering process and include traditional brush and sketch techniques along with industrial rendering actions, some of which are executed with tools the artist has designed specially for this process. Some pieces integrate an exclusive texture finish that the artist has also developed. Finally, the surface is painstakingly polished to a smooth glass-like surface. The entire process can take weeks from start to finish. The result is a painting on aluminum of exceptional beauty and craftsmanship that is also incredibly durable.

Often mistaken for photographic transfer, this technique does not involve any type of mechanical or reproductive process. It is completely executed by the artist’s hand with tools and techniques exclusive to Fred Szabries.

The process used to create limited edition serigraphs on aluminum is much the same as the creation of an original. In fact, these serigraphs are not duplications of an original, which is impossible, but are designed from the beginning to be an edition. The metal surface is still prepared by hand and the image is then serigraphed onto the surface by a master screen printer under close supervision by the artist. Each piece is then signed and numbered by the artist, including the artist's proofs. Editions are small and each piece receives the same level of care and attention to detail found in the originals.

Adding a Szabries original to your collection assures you that you own a piece of art that is unlike any other in the world.



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